Near the End of the Road

The Daintree River in North Queensland marks the beginning of the end of normal tourism in Queensland. A little ferry pulls you across the river via a cable and soon the paved road ends. We crossed the river, enjoyed some uniquely tropical fruit flavored ice cream, looked around a bit and then returned to ‘civilization’. It will have to be a different trip when we come with a 4 wheel drive vehicle and attempt to visit the northern end of the York Peninsula where Papua New Guinea is just there, across the Torres Strait.

The estuary of the Daintree River

We took a little river cruise to try to see some salt-water crocodiles on a very 1950’s style cruise boat.

We felt quite safe as we noticed that the life preservers were long preserved.

And we did find sleeping salt water crocodiles in an idyllic landscape.

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  1. those are the strangest looking crocodiles I’ve ever seen.

  2. Wow, this area of the continent is a whole new chapter. The ferry itself looks like an adventure!

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