We are off to Australia – June 2

As some (many?) of our subscribers know, I have been struggling to get the notification of a new blog post working for those who have subscribed to our blog. I am moving away from something called feedburner and toward something called mailchimp. The email announcing this new blog post is supposed to be coming from the new system.

If you get an email from something called feedproxy, this will be a duplicate that you should not have to suffer with. But, I have had a devil of a time getting the old notifications to stop for everyone.

So, either suffer with two notifications or try to unsubscribe from the feedproxy one. Below is a screen shot of the bottom of the bad email from feedproxy. Try clicking on that unsubscribe now button at the bottom of your email making sure the email is the one from feedproxy.

At times I and some subscribers who have contacted me get an Internal Service Error instead of the desired page or photo. Try your browser’s reload button. For me, that seems to make the page load. The reload button is a little circular clockwise arrow at the top left in the FireFox browser.

If none of this makes sense or more weird things happen, leave a comment to this blog post.

Cheers, soon, from Down Under!


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