Returning to Chile – in Covid times – virtually

Eight years ago we took a six month ‘sabbatical’ from our busy life on San Juan Island and moved to Chile. We traveled north to south and east to west. Far west — to Easter Island known now as Rapa Nui. We traveled there at the encouragement of our new Chilean friend, Helen, whose father, Ric Bradley happens to be Val’s mentor at Colorado College and on the backcountry ski slopes and is one of the world’s finest fellows.

We had a terrific time and we blogged etc. This all came back to us today when Helen, still living in Temuco, in the northern reaches of Patagonia, sent us an email letting us know that her daughter is the centerpiece of a documentary. We have just watched it and it is terrific and everyone should watch it and hear Helen’s daughter Mahani play the piano and learn how she became a fabulous pianist and now is bringing music and art and hope for the future back to Rapa Nui and to all of us.

The movie, titled “Song of Rapa Nui”, is available now on Amazon Prime. Here is a link to the trailer: (click on the image below)

Here is Mahani playing in the rain during our visit to Rapa Nui in 2012

Watch closely and you will briefly see Mahani’s grandfather Ric at the piano in their Colorado Springs home up on the Mesa.

Seeing the beautiful biopic made me stir my stumps (Val) and fix some of the problems that had developed in our blog report from Chile. You know, the internet changes and programs that once worked no longer do, so I have managed to fix up some of the difficulties and now have our two reports from Rapa Nui looking pretty good.


Easter Island – at the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

Ancient Enigma

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