A Cruise to Sucia and Stuart Islands

This past weekend we finally untied the docklines and headed off to cruise in the San Juan Islands. Our original plan was to venture off with 5 other boats of friends from the Friday Harbor Sailing Club and transit the fearsome Deception Pass with its terrifiying tidal whirlpools and then seek gray whales that spend time in the spring east of Whidbey Island.

Even the weather tried to keep us homebound. Here is the scene outside our window on Haro Strait on Wednesday last week with our cruise to start Thursday morning. Click on the image of a short moving movie.

As Bobby Burns so aptly said:

The best-laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

So it was to be for our fine friends with engine problems and jobs and health and Covid all winnowing our group down and down. In the end, it was decided to go off to Sucia island with one other boat. We would not die in whirlpools or of Covid caught in restaurants and shops and the weather gods gave us a first hint of coming summer with light winds and bright sun.

Strong current sweeping us past Waldron Island

Leslie and Val, on Cat’s Cradle, were joined at Sucia Island by Stefan and Georgia in Talpa here shown in reflecting glory at anchor in Fossil Bay.

We had some lovely walks and group dinners outside.

And enjoyed calm nights.

Here was an oddity. Val tightened up the line attaching to two bows of our catamaran to the mooring buoy so the buoy wouldn’t bang into the boat in the light winds. Late in the day, as the tide was rising, the boat started making occasional loud complaining noises. After a hunt, we discovered that the State Park mooring buoy was way down underwater and trying to take Cat’s Cradle with it. We loosened the lines and went to sleep. In the morning, as the tide was dropping, the mooring buoy came up for air, so to speak.

Then we motored (still no wind) off to Stuart Island where we ran into Sam and Sandy and Natalie sailing on Salmon Sandy II, their 42 foot Westsail with its motor now working.

We all had a nice walk through the woods up to the one room schoolhouse and on to where we did not see the yaks. Have they escaped?

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  1. I love your stories. Keep sailing and telling them. Wonderful photos.

  2. I love seeing these photos of good memories on these islands! It is a beautiful part of the world. After living in a drought, it is good to see the green. See you soon—what a treat! Beth

  3. Beautiful! What, no yaks?

  4. I fear for any assisted living you two would ever end up in, which will be never.

  5. These are beautiful shots!!❤️
    Meg is still on Vashon . I’ll get up to visit her in a while.

  6. Lovely photos! You’re coming to Colorado soon? ❤️

  7. Dear Val and Leslie, We always enjoy your blog and the photos. It’s one way to share your adventures now that we can’t do that in person. Keep sending your stuff,please, Bob and Virginia Garlitz.

  8. Dear Viers, Let us know what Walmart you will be at on June 6th and we will be there

  9. Thanks for the photos. Quite a contrast to my hikes in Bryce and Zion hikes (it got up to 95 degrees in Zion.

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