Hopping Around Kangaroo Island

We (Cora’s idea and typing) are trying something different for this post, being that there will only be photos and captions located at the bottom of most pictures. Enjoy!

Australian Sea Lion colony at Seal Bay Conservation Park –

The self-guided day walk at Hanson Bay Nature Reserve –

The nocturnal walk –

“Remarkable Rocks” at the far western end of Kangaroo Island –

Cool birds –

Others –

And, if you are still with Cora in this blog entry, here we have her photos showing that a koala can really move – really!

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  1. I’m loving the posts and format of this one. And I didn’t know koalas could “leap.” I’ve thought of them as slothful, but now know better!

  2. Fun to see the progress of your trip. It’s amazingly colorful for winter.

  3. The novel format worked for me, and this caption really got me chuckling: “Here we see the rare phenomenon of two interviewers interviewing each other.”

    Why do they call them “drop bears?”

    Loved the photo of the swag man, too. Can’t wait for you adventurers to make it back safely to Seattle!

  4. I also liked the new format! I felt like I was being swept along with you in your adventuring for just a moment. Have fun and see you soon:)

  5. love that photo of Cora running on the beach. gorgeous sky!

  6. Wonderful photos and great adventures.

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